La Familia Bell

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sno' More Additions to the Bell Family

This time our family additions wont be around too long, especially if it warms up like it's supposed to. Here are our two new Bells. We make them stay outdoors, they'd probably make too much of a mess if we brought them in the house.

And here is AJ helping daddy out with the construction:

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

March Mommies Make the News!!!

While AJ and I were in VA for the March Mommy meet-up we all got interviewed by The Richmond Times. Here is the article that was printed on Sunday February11th. The photos are not available online but I got a copy of the paper as a memento. We're not in the pictures - well MY hair is but that's about it LOL. Click here for the article.

Here is Nikaila (she's the one from Australia)

A group shot (I'm against the wall- behind Nikaila)

Ellie and her mommy Angela

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Road Trip!!!!

AJ and mom spent a long weekend in VA meeting up with other mommies and babies from The Mommy Board. We had a ton of fun. We started the long weekend on Thursday when Candy came up from Maine with her kids. We all went out for burgers to Red Robin and even Chris met up with us. Friday was an early start driving to NY to pick up Tania and her baby Marcus then it was off to VA. The babies were absolutely wonderful on the long ride and had lots of fun when we went through the tunnels or went on bridges. All we kept hearing was "yay" and lots of clapping. VA was wonderful, we met all the other mommies and babies. We visited the Richmond Children's Museum then had the March Baby birthday party at Cici's Pizza in Richmond. What a blast!!! enjoy the pictures!

Click here to view the other pictures

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Dashing through the snow....

In AJ's purple sled. AJ had a lot of fun in the snow and did not want to come inside. He helped mom and dad shovel snow with his Mickey shovel and loved the sled rides up and down the driveway. His sneakers were a little slippery on the snow and he was getting upset about that but mom and dad got him new snowboots so he'll be all set for the next time we're out playing in the snow. We were gonna attempt the making of the 1st Bell Snowman BUT the snow here was too powdery and loose so we'll have to wait until next time. Mommy is secretly hoping that "next time" is NEXT YEAR!! But for now we're enjoying the snow.

Here is AJ helping with his Mickey shovel
Daddy pulling the sled down the driveway

and up the`driveway

And Ralphie enjoying the snow