La Familia Bell

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday AJ!!!


It's hard to believe AJ is 3 years old already. It seems like just yesterday he we long for the days he never moved and slept all day. :o)

Nowadays he's full speed ahead!

His birthday celebration began at Nana Aviles' house on Sunday with Easter dinner and cupcakes. It continued on Tuesday with dinner out with Mommy and Daddy at Red Robin followed by a trip to Toys R Us. Finally, we all headed home and enjoyed AJ's Thomas the Tank Engine cake that Daddy made from scratch. Nana and Papa Bell joined us on the phone to sing Happy Birthday.

Click HERE to see pictures of the cake being put together and AJ blowing out his candles!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!!

The Easter Bunny stopped by and dropped off some Easter treats for the family!! AJ got a cool little CARS bucket with Lightning McQueen Crocs, 2 m&m little buddies and a bat and ball. Daddy got some Cadbury Creme Eggs and mommy got some peeps that AJ wants to share with her. We also had a little Easter Egg hunt after lunch time and AJ had a GREAT time!!!

My two cute "bunnies" - Ralph has the "why me" look :o)

Easter Basket

Hunting for Easter Eggs

We also had Round 1 of AJ's Birthday party celebration. Mommy made cupcakes and daddy decorated them and we sang Happy Birthday to him at Nana's house after dinner - he got to open his gifts from Nana Aviles and Uncle Greg early and he loved his Thomas train set from Uncle Greg and the SpiderMan car from Nana. Thanks guys!!

AJ and Jordan about to sing - then AJ blowing out the candle too fast!!

Cupcake time!!! - AJ sporting his blue frosting mustache :)

Click HERE for more pictures

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Brady's Baby Shower

Mom Aviles hosted a WONDERFUL baby shower for our soon to be new arrival. (THANKS MOM!!!) I really had a great time and we got some adorable things for baby Brady and for his room!! AJ, Brian and Papa Bell joined us towards the end of the shower and AJ even got to tell everyone the baby's name! He was very excited to share (even though he had woken up from his short car nap recently) So he told everyone that his baby brothers name is Brady Michael and he even helped mom open some presents for his baby brother!!!

Here are some pictures:
the party favors

Cute outfit with hat:

clothesline gift (so creative!!!!)
outfits, clothes, crib sheet and
baby clothes pins and I can use
the line in the tub

Pooh mobile from Nonnie Tangney
Thanks Nonnie!!!!

and BEAUTIFUL Alayna -
my friend Lauren's 5 month
little girl who was absolutely

Click HERE to see more pictures from the shower.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Our Last Snow???

During the past storm on March 1st (mommy is hoping it IS our last snow of the season) AJ and Daddy went out to play in the snow. Ralph played outside too. They decided it would be cool to make the Snowman Penguin using the kit that Lisa got for AJ at Christmas. I think both dad (ALL DAD) hee hee and AJ did a GREAT GREAT JOB!!!
What do you think???

Daddy decided to teach AJ how to make snow angels too and Ralph enjoyed pouncing on daddy thinking it was all a game with him. Snow angels was a bit more fun for AJ who was wearing a snow suit. Here are the boys making snow angels.