La Familia Bell

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Brady's Cardiology Appointment

Brady had his appointment at Yale Cardiology today. All went well. Our BIG boy weighed in at 19 lbs 14 oz!!! It was a key appointment as they had canceled his two previous appointments because he had progressed along better than expected. Mommy was worried and kept praying nothing was worse and that things had actually improved. Originally we were told that the holes they found in Brady's heart would close up on their own by the time he was 1.

The cardiologist did not detect the murmur with the stethoscope which was a GREAT sign so we almost got the "all clear" but he wanted to do an echo cardiogram just to be 100%. It so happens the 2 holes are still there but they are soooo tiny! they have closed up almost completely which is why he couldn't detect them by just listening. He got the "all clear" until he turns 2, at which point he will be re-evaluated, they will run the tests again and hopefully discharge him by then. so that's our good news for the day!!!