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Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Day out with Thomas the Train

Today was our Day out with Thomas. Can I just say that it was the MOST BITTER cold day we've had yet???? Ugghhhh. AJ has been excited about this event for days. He was looking forward to a 'train ride" and he knew Thomas would be there but he didn't really comprehend what it all entailed until we got there. Thomas and Train friends were EVERYWHERE. He was so glad to see it all. Our tickets for the ride also included many different activities at the train yard. We started out having lunch then we hit the carnival rides before our Thomas ride. AJ loved the horseys as usual and the small train ride was a hit! He wanted to go on the small train again but we had to make our boarding time. Once he SAW Thomas all was fine. He couldn't wait to get on the train! He wanted to see everything out the window and was cheering Thomas on. Once our ride was over he wanted to go again but we told him there were other things we were going to do. We stopped by the gift shop and AJ got some goodies from mom and Nana then we took pictures by Percy and hit the carnival rides again before coming home. AJ was asleep in the car soon after and tonight as we were getting ready for bed he told me that he wanted to go on Thomas the train again and he wanted daddy to come too. Dad at the last minute had to travel for work so AJ was just as happy that Nana came with us BUT I think he wants daddy to get his Junior Conductor Certificate too! :o)

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Friday, November 09, 2007

Meeting Santa Claus

On Friday I picked AJ up early from school and we headed over to one of our local malls to meet and greet Santa. They were also doing lots of other holiday activities and the first 50 families got 2 pics for free. AJ was very excited and looking forward to seeing Santa. We were lucky enough to have gotten there about 15 minutes before Santa and the line was only long AFTER we got there. We were like the 30th 'family" in line and after me it was like a swarm of people trying to line up. I think what made the difference was that we didn't bother with the Santa Sleigh parade through the upper level of the mall but instead got right in line downstairs and waited for Santa to arrive.There was entertainment and AJ enjoyed the Christmas music and he got a balloon Happy Faced dog. He also got presents from the elves.AJ was very impressed with the Snow Dome theme and he thought it was cool that we had to go into one in order to get to Santa. He didn't want to sit on Santa's lap on his own and insisted I sit with him so I obliged but he was great about talking to Santa and telling him he was a good boy. Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas and AJ said he wanted books, crayons and cars. Go figure - cars!!!
Santa gave AJ a snow dome puzzle and AJ was just so impressed with the gift Santa had just given him that he took it - stared at it, stared and smiled at Santa and gave him the most heartfelt "thaaaaaank yoouuuuuu" I've ever heard :smile: All in all a GREAT night out with Santa!

Click HERE for pictures from the night.

I still have to scan the free one the mall took of us. I'll add that later on.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ralph goes to the Vet

There is at least one day out of the year where Ralph is a totally different CALM, well behaved pup. Usually it's the day he goes to the vet for his annual exam (or back for a nail trim). See - Ralph must have been traumatized at one point by a groomer who cut his nails and he becomes a totally different Cujo-type dog if anyone attempts to cut his nails. To avoid the "trauma" that he goes through, a few years ago his vet suggested tranquilizing him prior to his visit to the vet and then they'd be able to cut his nails.
Shortly after the meds are administered his eyes get all glassy and he gets the "dopey" look and just CHILLS. Which is great compared to the sometimes crazy running around and tail wagging he is well known for. This visit to the vet was no different though he did challenge them come nail clipping time (the dose he got was a bit less than what he's used to).
What cracked us up was that on the way home, he tried to make himself as comfortable as possible. He tried to squeeze into AJ's carseat and Brian had to literally carry him out of the car once we got home because he just did not want to get out of the car. By 4pm he was back to his normal goofy-no drug self.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

2007 Torringford Fireman's Ball

On Saturday night some of the ESPN crew attended the 50th Annual Torringford Fireman's Ball. As always we had a great time even though I'm personally very dissapointed that I didn't win any of the raffle prizes. I thought we had an "in" with Mike! Food was very good, the company was GREAT and we all had a great time! For more about the Fire Dept, check out

The "gang"

The Girls

The Guys
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