La Familia Bell

Sunday, February 03, 2008

My 1st Week of Work

I didn't want to post too early in the week and jinx the remainder of my 1st week but I had a really good week at my new job. I am working at Wintergreen Interdistrict Magnet School (WIMS) in Hamden. It is a technology/language magnet school and all students get either a desktop k-5 for the home or a laptop (6-8) to bring to school every day. Spanish is taught at every grade level. There is also a small TV studio which the principal wants me to get involved with in the near future. They broadcast the morning announcements to all the classrooms. WIMS is an extended day/extended school year school. The school year starts mid August and end at the very end of June and the kids go to school from 8am to 3:15pm. I report by 8am but my class day starts at 8:30am and I leave at 3:30pm.

I am the 1st, 4th and 7th grade Spanish teacher. So far it has been going really well and I am really enjoying it. The 7th graders are a challenge but they're in a unique situation in that there hasn't been a steady teacher in ANY subject but one, and that teacher is now out on maternity leave so they really haven't had much consistency. Of course i'll be there for now but once i'm out on maternity they'll once again have a sub (the same girl that has been there throughout the year) and I'll be returning to work as soon as my dr. clears me to return (probably between 5-6 weeks after BabyBell2 is born) to finish out the school year.

Other than subbing, this is my 1st experience with the younger grades. They are the main reason why I went for this job - I always wanted to teach language at the elementary level. Everyone has been very friendly and welcoming at the school and I absolutely love the fact that I have my OWN classroom!!!! I am definitely looking forward to a fresh start next year where I will decorate to my hearts content and rearrange everything to the way I want it. I will do some slight redecorating for the spring season but nothing major as I'll be close to 9 months pregnant by then.

So - this is my classroom:

Front of class and computer station w/4 computers. These are mainly for the 1st and 4th graders as the 7th graders get their own laptops to bring to class. There is wireless throught the school.

There are TONS of cabinets for storage, a closet and sink area

This is the board for circle-time for the 1st graders. I'm supposed to have a rug for them too but apparently that's on back order so I'm hoping that I have it for the beginning of the next school year.

This is the back of the room and my desk area - there's a reading station with books, bulletin board and a table w/2 chairs.

I will take more pictures once I do my own decorating and rearranging but that's pretty much it for now.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Night at the Museum

NO, not the movie but AJ's and mommy's trip to ImagineNation right here in our hometown. They are normally just open during the day but they hold special events throughout the year at night. Friday night was Puppet Night and there were puppeteers walking around the museum with puppets of all sizes and they also had a few puppet shows as well as a "make your own puppet" station. AJ loved the museum. We have been to similar museums before and even though this one is on the smaller side he still enjoyed it very much.

One of his favorites was Sand Station

and here he is at Water Station
and the Bubble-ation Machine.
He was very well behaved at the puppet show and even got to go up at the end and kiss Bambino Puppet - the italian puppet that had all the kids saying words in italian and AJ was following along great!
We'll probably invest in the "family" yearly membership as there are a lot more fun nights in the upcoming months and AJ really had a blast and he wants daddy to go in the bubble machine.

Click HERE to see pictures from our fun night!