La Familia Bell

Sunday, September 23, 2007

More Babies at the Bell's!!!!

Earlier this summer we posted about a special visitor to our residence....

Well we're happy to say that at Brian's last count we have about 17 turtles making their way down to the water.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

AJ's Big Announcement

While we were all roaming the state pavilion at the Big E last night, we happened on a T-Shirt shop. We bought one and had AJ model it for our friends. He was very pleased with his new shirt though he wasn't quite sure why everybody was so happy about it.
AJ is very excited - for now. Just wait until he has to share his toys! We've added a counter and a new family image...Enjoy! The due date is April 30th

Thursday, September 20, 2007


The ESPN crew spent the evening on Thursday at The Big E. What a better way than to spend the evening eating through the States and enjoying all the crafts, animals and Fried Oreos and of course the BUTTER COWS.
Fun was had by all even though AJ never made it to the "carnival" side of the Big E. AJ and Donovan out-ate Mike - which puts Mike to shame!!! Of course Mike said it was because Rossi wasn't there to go "food for food" with him. The group decided this is a sign that the world must be coming to an end. We just don't know.
Most of us started our eating extravaganza in Connecticut at the Little Taste of Texas stand (the restaurant is in South Windsor) . They have the BEST baked potatoes EVER and YES they're better than Maine!!! They are about the size of Texas and they top them off with your choice of Chilli or BBQ Pulled Pork and you can add the "extras" REAL cheese (not cheez whiz like Maine), REAL bacon (not bacon bits like Maine) and of course about a pound of butter and sour cream.

We moved on to Kettle Corn from New Hampshire. Cheese from Vermont, Lobster Rolls from Maine, Clam Chowder from Massachusetts, Del's Frozen Lemonade, and Lobster Ravioli from Rhode Island. The rest of the ESPN crew (late workers) joined us in RI and we worked our way back through all the states for more. We stopped for fudge, cider donuts then headed over to the petting zoo. AJ and I shied away from the petting zoo - mostly because I can't stand the smell but also because I got attacked last year by some mean goat who thought my sweater was a tasty treat. Instead we headed over to watch and listen to the carousel music and then AJ saw the ponies. He asked to go on the ponies and he really enjoyed the ride. He wanted "more" but it was almost closing time so we told him the pony had to go eat and go "night night" and he was happy with that (thankfully).

Our last stop was at Farm-a-Rama where we saw more animals and AJ really enjoyed the chicks and the piggies. All he keeps talking about is going back to the Big E. Maybe we'll get back before the season ends this year.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wine and Cheese Sunday

A beautiful day spent with friends at a CT Vineyard this past Sunday Sept. 16th. Thanks Aline for the suggestion! We all got together and headed over to Hopkins Vineyard for their annual Harvest Day Wine and Cheese Tasting event.

We all had our favorites - the Picnic Wine was a hit - and all the cheese was fabulous!! AJ enjoyed the crackers, melon, pickles, grapes and of course all the cheese as well as checking out the bear, going up and down the stone steps and of course asking where Lisa was every few minutes or saying "there's Lisa" about a million times. Lisa you're coming with us next time!

The adults enjoyed sampling the wines the most, though everything else was pretty good too. All in all, a great day and we'll know better next year to bring: plates, chairs, blankets, etc :)
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Days of Summer

Well it's definitely beginning to feel like fall here and mom for one is not thrilled with the colder days! It was nice to finally pick up some pictures at walmart (a water camera) and see pictures from nice HOT weather and AJ enjoying the fun, sun and water!

Here is our little man this past summer when we went to Blizzard Beach with Nana Aviles:

Click HERE to see more pictures - there are some of AJ in the pool that Nana and Papa bell got him this summer too. He had way too much fun in the sun this summer!