La Familia Bell

Friday, August 31, 2007

AJ's Pool

While we were away at X Games last month, Nana & Papa Bell got AJ a small pool with a slide. When we came back to CT, the pool came with us. Here's a short video of AJ enjoying his pool!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Big Boy Bed

Well AJ has moved on to his big boy bed. Mom and dad got him a Race Car bed since he likes cars so much. AJ was a trooper helping out. He helped carry/push the car pieces upstairs to his room, then clear out his room & then finally helped dad put his race car bed together. AJ loved putting on the tires on his car bed and later that evening when it was time to go to Nana Aviles' house he wanted to go in AJ's Car instead of mommy's. Luckily he changed his mind on that one - it would have been a "LONG DRIVE" :o)
It's "bye bye baby crib"
adding the stickers, and AJ and dad starting assembly
AJ Helping out some more, then putting on the tires


Click HERE to see more pictures then click on "view slideshow"

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Happy 29th* Birthday Millie!

While Millie was off working this afternoon, Brian got busy decorating a cake he started the night before. I'll freely admit I need some decorating skills, but I think the cake came out pretty well just the same. Happy Birthday Millie! love Brian and AJ
* 29 is a rough guess. Actual number will result in bodily harm.