La Familia Bell

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tania's Visit

My friend Tania came to visit today with her son Marcus, her nephew Justin and her grandma. It has been a while since we have gotten together so it was very nice to visit for a bit and for Tania to meet our little Brady. Brady had her wrapped around his little finger, having her stand to hold him or he would give her the pouty lip and cry. Momma spoils him by holding him a lot so he expects everyone to accomodate his needs :o)

Marcus and Justin had fun playing while at the house, afterall toys all over the living room
is any kids dream. The boys played well together and had fun.
Once we got the boys into their swimsuits we headed over to Casey Park and picked up lunch on the way there. The boys had their lunch and soon after were running around getting wet and playing on the slide and playscape.
They had a really good time despite the heat.

Brady loved going from Grandma to Tania to Mommy - as long as he was being held he was a happy boy. We can't wait to get together again. Hopefully we can meet up in Coney Island before they're done for the season!

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

KidCity Museum

On Thursday we got together with our wonderful friends Chris, Kelly, Matthew, Joshua and Janet & Sarah. Chris, Kelly and the boys were up visiting from Virginia for the week and it was great to see them as it has been quite a while since we all last got together.
We had a relaxing time at Janet's house. The boys and Sarah played for a bit, then we had lunch. After lunch the kids (minus AJ) all took mini naps before we headed out to the museum.
AJ was hesitant at 1st about a 'new' museum - he was adamant on going to HIS museum. Once we got there though he forgot all about his old museum and loved every minute of the new museum so much that we had a minor meltdown when we got kicked out at 5pm.

Sarah and the boys in front of the museum

AJ and Matthew in a car

AJ and Joshua making bubbles

AJ driving Kristin's car

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday at Ian and Susan's

The Webster's had a cookout and it was a beautiful day spent at their residence with all the kids and friends. AJ loved going in and out of all the pools and the moon walk was a big hit even with the dads LOL. Scott and Sarah were also at the picnic and Sarah had a lot of fun in the pool, the moonwalk and the playscape.

Brian, Sarah in the back and Scott and AJ in the moonwalk
and Brian playing AJ Ball hehe

AJ sliding down

AJ tractor riding, and giving Brady a tractor ride too!

Patrick drawing on the black top, Patrick's beautiful smile

Friday, July 11, 2008

Brady is 2 months old

Brady is now 2+ months old. He had his 2 month appointment on 7/11 and weighed in at a very healthy 12.6 lbs (75 percentile) and was 24 and 1/4 inches long (90th percentile). He had his shots which he wasn't too thrilled about but made it through the day just sleeping a bit more than usual.

Brady is moving around a lot more, holding his head up and making lots and lots of noises trying to talk to us. He still loves his swing and is smiling and trying to laugh a lot. He looks at us and stares and then smiles that great big smile of his. Our little boy is growing fast!