La Familia Bell

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Brady's 1st Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Brady! Today we celebrate his first birthday. I made a batch of mini cupcakes for Brady's class (and a whole lot of others) to enjoy during the day. Once we got home, Brady enjoyed a bottle of strawberry milk (his new favorite) and a full-sized birthday cupcake complete with a candle. And rather than blowing out the candle - which AJ was more than happy to assist with - Brady attempted to put it out with his fingers. Let's just say that wasn't a great idea. The big family party, complete with a Winnie the Pooh cake decorated by daddy will be on Sunday. I'm sure he doesn't mind!

Monday, April 20, 2009

The "Harvard" or "Juilliard" of Magnet Schools for AJ

While we were in Florida, we finally got the acceptance letter and phone call we had been anxiously waiting for. We applied to the R.J. Kinsella Magnet School of Performing Arts for Andrew back in February after attending the Open House the school hosted. Mom and Dad are very excited for AJ as this is a very popular magnet school and coveted program with over 2,600 applicants for only 24 spots. The school is moving into a brand new state of the art facility in August with smartboards in every classroom. AJ will continue with piano lessons and will also be introduced to the violin in pre-k. All students learn to play at least one instrument, and take vocal, dance, drama and stage craft classes. The school is partnered with a number of community Arts groups.

The school's focus/approach is on comprehensive training, cultural exposure and arts integration. The performing arts act as the vehicle in making academic content relevant and pertinent in the lives of students. The school offers a pre-k through 8th grade program and we feel AJ will really enjoy the challenge and diversity of the school and the program. We hope he continues to show growth in his love of music and we definitely know he's a little character now. Provided AJ is happy and successful in the program throughout the years he will remain in the school.

Check out the school HERE

Disney Vacation

We drove to Florida for a little sunshine and warmth and of course a visit or two with Mickey Mouse. The boys were awesome on the drive despite the length of time in the car and Brady sprouting 3 more (maybe 4) teeth! Our 1st stop was at South of the Border and both boys enjoyed the animal statues and posing for pictures for mama.

We had a great time with family on Easter Sunday and enjoyed a beautiful week at the parks and the pool at our resort. We only had the one day of storms that went through central Florida but we were unharmed.

Brady and AJ loved the pool as usual and enjoyed the character meals and the warm weather and spending time with Nana Aviles. As usual we had our fare of great food at some of our favorite Disney restaurants. Brian and I also had the opportunity to check out the preview center for upcoming DVC clubs that are opening up and we are excited and hopeful to be visiting the new vacation clubs in the future.
There are TONS more pictures of our week in FL - if you'd like to take a peek, click HERE

Monday, April 06, 2009

AJ & Brady's new "Play System"

A week after AJ's 4th birthday, Papa Bell and I put together the new "treehouse" that all of the grandparents gave to the kids for their birthdays. I did some of the initial prep work in the garage during the week - labeling EVERYTHING, putting parts out and assembling a few of the pieces. Sunday morning the Bells came down to visit and help me finish putting it all together. Sunday started out cool and windy but by noon it had become a beautiful day. After a few tweaks and some help from our friend Chris, the new swingset was complete. Yes, it took all day but we're hoping it will last for years to come. All I need to do now is add sand to the sandbox area and eventually mulch around the whole area. Thanks to the grandparents for their generous gift and to the Papa Bell for his help putting it all together! (And supplying us with a yummy dinner too!!)

Note the picture currently showing is from the manufacturer's website. Once we have pictures from the day I'll update this post...