La Familia Bell

Sunday, August 17, 2008

He EATS!!!!

Well per doctor's orders Brady was started on cereal 2 weeks before his 4 month appointment. We are definitely not going to have a picky eater! At 1st he was making faces but he definitely loved his cereal then went on to have almost a full bottle after that!

Daddy feeding and Brady checking out the spoonful of food

Getting a taste of it:
Enjoying his 1st taste of "food"

Monday, August 11, 2008

Brady meets Mickey

Well the boys and mommy are in FL having fun and actually doing a lot of pool and walks around Saratoga Springs but we did take a few hours today to head to Magic Kingdom so that Brady could meet the Mouse.
Brady was mesmerized with Mickey's nose. Mickey kept twitching his nose and Brady would just look and smile. He wasn't as brave as AJ was at that age when he tried to EAT Mickey's nose though. AJ was very happy to see his "pal" Mickey again and gave him a big hug!

Brady meeting Mickey:

AJ hugging his pal Mickey:
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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Live from X Games 14

Greetings from Los Angeles. Millie and Brian are hard at work at X Games 14 - both operating graphics for the Skateboard Superpark, Skateboard Vert, BMX Superpark and BMX Vert events. Brian is also running around as the lead graphic operator for all of our events. We've got 2 days under our belt already and we'll be very busy on Saturday. Make sure you check your local listings for coverage. While Millie & Brian are working, AJ & Brady are enjoying their stay at Nana & Papa Bell's house. We hear there has been plenty of fun going on over there from bike riding to making banana bread. Thanks to Nana Bell for watching the kids this week! We'll have some pictures up soon....stay tuned and tune in!

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