La Familia Bell

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Visiting Sarah

On June 26th AJ and mom visited with Sarah, Janet and Scott. We even got to see Cleon and his kids. We had a lot of fun at Janet's house and AJ got to play with a lot of different toys. We're not sure if Sarah was too thrilled about that. Thanks guys for a fun filled afternoon, we should do this again soon!!
Here is little Miss Sarah:

AJ and Sarah:

AJ Relaxing on the adirondak chair:

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Playing AJ Style

OK so he's not a fan of carnival rides but he does LOOOOOVE to go to the playground with mommy and daddy!!! He has no sense of danger, loves to climb on the playscapes and has tons of fun on the slides!!
After the carnival we stopped at the playground across the street for some "free" rides LOL.
AJ had a blast as usual! (so did dad) hee hee

I'm not sure who had more fun on the slide but AJ sure liked the company racing down the slide!

We moved on to the monkey bar, the turtle sculpure and of course more and more rides down the slide before we went home for the night:

Bristol's Italian Festival

We had our first carnival outing this year at the local Italian Festival. AJ was very impressed by the rides and wanted to try the boats over and over except every time I gave the lady his tickets and tried to put him in the boat he would chicken out. He's gone on rides before but always with someone so this was his 1st attempt alone. Mom was kind of scared and AJ was a bit too but he made it through one ride. Thankfully we didn't spend a lot of money on ride tickets and we're hoping this ride aversion at carnivals continues as the price of tickets for these little rides is so expensive!
The one ride AJ went on was the Fire Trucks. It was a slow day and the 1st time he didn't have his choice of cars so he sat in the one that was free. After the 1st ride he wanted to attempt the boats but kept backing down then we tried the fire trucks again and there were only 2 other kids on the ride and all AJ wanted to do was sit in different trucks - he didn't want to ride or get buckled in so we gave up on the ride idea.
Here is AJ on his 1st solo carnival ride
This is not so bad:
Now we're moving!:
OK maybe not such a good idea:

She's not crying....:
We'll "fake cry instead:

Rainy Saturday Mornings

Well we had a few rainy Saturday mornings earlier this month so AJ and mom kept busy with puzzles, play-doh, reading books and goofy playing with Mr. Potato Head.

Here is AJ and his play-doh masterpiece:

Our little comedian having fun with Mr. Potato Head's accessories:

Monday, June 04, 2007

A Visitor to the Bell Residence

We are not sure if we have yet another pet or not. From what we've witnessed, we believe we have a long term visitor. Brian discovered our new pet as he was driving up the driveway this evening. We went over to investigate and from what pictures I had seen before I thought it was a snapper turtle but now i'm not so sure.
This new friend has definitely torn up our mulch and is digging down so we think it may be a female laying and burying some eggs. We'll see what happens and keep you all posted!

Here are some pictures of new long term resident:

And some more pictures HERE

2007 Bristol Auto Club Car Show

On Saturday we went to the car show in downtown Bristol. We had great weather and AJ enjoyed dancing to the band music. Of course AJ's recent memory was of Touch a Truck and going to the Fire House with Mike so all he kept asking was to go "in it" everytime we stopped to look at a car. One lady at the end had a Monster Truck and she asked AJ if he wanted to go in it and of course he did so he got his one "in it" before we left.

Here's mommy's favorite car:

And here is daddy's favorite car:

And of course AJ's favorite was the monster truck:

Click HERE for more pictures