La Familia Bell

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Joey's Birthday

On Saturday June 21st we headed over to my brother's house to celebrate Joey's birthday. Joey is about 2 and a half months younger than AJ and AJ loves playing with him as well as his older cousins Jordan and Danny.
It was a beautiful day out and the boys had fun running around the yard and playing on the bikes and push cars. Joey loved his construction trucks cake - dirt and all! :) great job on the cake Kim!

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

AJ at the Park

AJ and mommy went to Casey Park - one of our many local parks this morning. I like this park because it's never overcrowded, most people go to the much larger park down the road. Most of the parks here have the sprinkler playground and AJ is such a fan of anything to do with water.

When we left the house it was clouding over pretty fast but by the time we got to the park the sun was out in full force. AJ was running around like a madman and even with his water shoes on he had one really good wipeout and the burns to prove it on his chest and by his elbow. That did not slow him down one bit though!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Growing Up Way Too Fast

Well I had my dentist appointment for a cleaning today. I took Brady with me and he slept through most of the appointment but then got restless. Charlene one of the wonderful receptionists asked if she could take him, if I minded and I said sure. so her and Barbara took care of him in the front and they were just all gushing over him . Well at the end of the appointment Charlene asks me if he's teething and I say "no, he's only a little over a month old!" well she says - but I see two white dots on the front - so she calls Dr. Wilson over and sure enough - Dr. Wilson confirms that it's two bottom teeth coming in!!!! ugghhhh I just can't believe it - this is way too fast for me! . You can definitely see the two white DOTS right on the gum line and you can feel the one on the right.

The other milestone - Brady turned over at around 3 weeks. I thought Brian was playing tricks on me at first :o) I had Brady on his back and I leave the room and come back a few minutes to find Brady on his side. A few days later the same thing - I leave the room and come back and he's on his tummy. I asked Brian if he had turned him and he said no. Our little man is growing up way too fast!!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Brady meets great grandma

We visited the Bell's on Sunday and part of the visit included going to visit Nonnie at her home so that she could meet her new great grandson. It was a short visit so we look forward to more visits in the near future! The visit coincided with Brady's feeding time so Nonnie got to feed him with a bit of Brian's help. There are more pictures of the visit on AJ's Bike blog below.

Monday, June 02, 2008

AJ's Bike Ride

On Sunday, we went to visit Nana & Papa Bell. They had a surprise for AJ - a 2-wheel bike! After Papa made some modifications to add the training wheels (yes, they ARE pink), AJ strapped on his helmet and was raring to go. The only problem was the rough surface Nana & Papa call their driveway... it's got a few peaks and valleys. AJ learned to navigate pretty well and can't wait to ride his new bike again soon! Click HERE for pictures and a little video I made is below.