La Familia Bell

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Announcing Brady Michael Bell

Hello everybody! I'm know Millie already got word to several of you, but here's an official announcement. Don't be surprised if Millie sends a prettier version soon!
The stats: 21 1/8 inches long and 7 lbs, 15 oz.

We arrived at Yale/New Haven Hospital at about 5:30a this morning and Brady was born at 7:45a. Mom and baby are both doing well. AJ and Brian will have to fend for themselves for a day or two. Feel free to give Millie a call or text message - and she loves visitors!

Friday, April 25, 2008

It's Gone!

After what seems like an eternity, I finally sold my 2-family house on Maple St in Bristol. The couple that bought the house plans on gutting the place and making it all new - or at least as new as a circa 1885 house can get. I had planned on doing something similar. I started by renovating the 1st floor bathroom and started the kitchen but getting married, having kids and owning a second home put an end to all that. At least I'm only supporting a single mortgage now and don't have to worry about tenants anymore! That alone was worth selling for!! Yippee! Now it's time to sit back and await Brady's arrival. Any day now...

Monday, April 14, 2008

AJ and Mommy go to Mystic Aquarium

AJ had his 3 yr physical today and I decided to keep him home from school and take him to the aquarium with our friends Ivania and Isaiah. We had lunch at Mickey D's and all the boys could talk about was all the animals they wanted to see - at that time, penguins frogs and alligators were the "biggies" they wanted to see.

AJ and Isaiah at the
Penguin Exhibit

The boys had such a good time. They had a blast throughout the aquarium and liked the sea lion show and touching sea stars and trying to touch sting rays and seeing all the other animals.

AJ holding a Sea Star (hard to
take a CLEAR pic one-handed,
holding AJ's hand in freezing
cold water at the same time) :o)

The whales were definitely a favorite with the boys and we stopped by the Whale tank three times throughout the day. Every time the whales swam by both boys would get so excited. This is one of my favorite pictures and they boys loved it when the whale did this! AJ said the whale was talking to him!

Frogs were a favorite of AJ oh and so were the tarantulas but MOMMA was NOT impressed by those and I was glad they were behind glass. I ended up buying AJ a book about belugas that we read before bedtime and a Beluga stuffed whale that he hugged to sleep - he kept talking about how the whales were his favorite today.

To see more pictures (lots more WHALE pictures) click HERE

Mom and Dad are in T R O U B L E!!!!!!

AJ has been exposed to X Games since he was 4 months old - even then, he LOVED watching the motorcycles racing. I was amazed when we took him to CA the 1st time and we went to see a practice run and I figured he would hate the noise being that little. He followed the bikes and was all wide eyed at such a young age.

here is AJ at 4 months (his 1st X Games)

Brian has been in CA this past week working another X Games MotoX event. AJ and I have been watching and AJ of course is all impressed and wants to know which one is dada. That cracked me up! Anyway - I was sitting watching X and typing and all of a sudden AJ says to me "mommy I want to ride my bike like the big boys on TV with dada".

We are in TROUBLE!!! I snapped a pic with my cell phone because he kept trying to stand on the pedals hanging on to the handle bars. Our little X gamer! ugghhhh I can already imagine many broken bones in our future. BOYS!!!
Here is our little daredevil
(excuse the t0y MESS everywhere!)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Spring Concert

AJ's preschool held a Spring Concert today and it was really cute. His class was all dressed in yellow and beige or orange and beige to look like lions. Earlier in the week the class made lion masks to use during the concert. AJ's class sang Hakuna Matata and Just Can't Wait to be King. I had to be on stage with AJ so I wasn't able to get many pictures or video. Here is one stage pic and 2 pics from when we left the concert. I'll try to upload the minute and a half of video once I find my camera cable. AJ had a good time ROARING like a lion and he even danced a little bit but most of it was out of the video camera range.

After the concert we had lunch and naps then went to the playground to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather we had today. AJ had a blast as usual!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sunny San Diego!!

I'm blogging this week from San Diego, CA. ESPN has sent me out to work the Moto X Championships event - a Moto X - only (dirtbikes) version of the X Games. After an uneventful flight out here, I picked up my rental car and went to my hotel. If you thought the roads on the east coast were hard to navigate, try driving out here! I've driven in LA and it hasn't been as crazy as it is here. My GPS - aka Matilda - doesn't know what to do with herself.

Of course once you're in the California area, you HAVE to visit In-N-Out. Millie is either cursing me or drooling on the floor because I mentioned it. Just don't tell her I've been twice now. And I've also been to a Cheesecake Factory too! Of course once I get home I won't be needing to eat for quite some time. If there's not a In-N-Out near you, Five Guys Burgers & Fries is a good compromise.

I had hoped to post a few more pictures, but my digital camera is too old for Windows Vista to they will have to wait until I get home - or trash Vista for XP. Nothing but a few long days ahead of me now. We'll be airing on ESPN and ESPN2 this weekend (April 12 & 13).

More later!