La Familia Bell

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

A Start to the 2009 Holidays

Well we got a start on the holidays by taking the boys to get pictures taken with Santa. We also had dinne at Rainforest Cafe and then went to Build a Bear. Santa is right outside a snow globe and you have to go on the Polar Espress an through the snowglobe to get to Santa.

Brady wasn't too excited to get his picture taken with Santa but was there long enough to get a picture. Santa was great and while mommy was trying to catch Brady he said to Andrew that he had to be a good boy. I thought that's what I heard anyway - but the look on AJ's face was priceless - I heard him say to Santa "I will" and then he told Santa that he would leave him cookies for him and carrots for the reindeer. I asked AJ a few times what Santa said to him and he wouldn't tell me, he would get all quiet and try to change the subject. After a while I asked him again an he told me Santa told him that hehad to be good.

Dinner was at Rainforest and the best part was that on Wed. kids meals are 1.99. Sadly (at least the location we went to) the entress were not that impressive.

After dinner we went to Build a Bear where the boys got to pick out something to stuff. I liked the moose with the Christmas lights but of course neither of the boys did. Brady picked Frosty and AJ had a peace bear until the lady showed Brady how Frosty worked (lights up when you take off the hat) so of course he quickly had a change of heart.

Andrew really got into helping with putting Frosty together, pressing the pedal with the stuffing, warming up the heart for Frosty then bathing and combing Frosty. Brady just wanted to deal with the heart for Frosty and wanted nothing else to do with Frosty. Figure

It was a great night out with the boys!