La Familia Bell

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat!!!

Well, we're not sure if we can call Halloween a hit or not. AJ had a Halloween party at school and from what the teachers reported, he had a great time. They went on "parade" around the school in their costumes then they had a party with lots of food and Halloween goodies.

When I picked AJ up at school to go trick or treating around Nana's neighborhood he wanted absolutely nothing to do with his costume. I was able to get it on so that Nana and Papa could see him but he wanted it off about as soon as I got it on and wasn't too thrilled with the costume. He got his little goodie bag from nana but we didn't trick or treat. AJ enjoyed watching the kids that came dressed up to the house (both Nana's and ours) but he still wanted NOTHING to do with his costume.

Once we got back home, it took a bribe of mom letting him hold her Bath and Body lotion for him to agree to put the costume on so we could snap a few pictures. He did enjoy dad helping him "fly" but wanted the costume off as soon as possible!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Visit to Nana & Papa Bell's

We drove up to visit Nonnie & Nana & Papa Bell on October 28th. We surprised Nonnie for her birthday and AJ was very excited to deliver her birthday card. We then drove to Nana & Papa's with Nonnie and had a lot of fun. AJ enjoyed looking at the duckies and trying to throw leaves in the pond and had a blast trying to tackle Papa to the ground.

Another hit of the afternoon for AJ was playing with Nonnie's old-style Jack in the Box. He was histerical, and we all loved his reaction!

We all had a great time and AJ loved singing Happy Birthday to Nonnie and of course eating cake - his and mommy's.

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Apple Picking

AJ was very excited at the idea of apple picking again this year. We went to a Roger's Orchards in Southington but we stopped by their farmstand 1st to check out the goods. We got GREAT apple cider donuts, spiced cookies and apple cider. AJ started picking the apples right out of the baskets at the store! Once we told him we were going to pick apples from the trees all he wanted to do was head out to pick apples. We headed out and had a great time! AJ loved picking apples and we had a really good time. Brian made a DELICIOUS Apple Crisp while I was away in New Jersey and now with the leftover apples we gotta make some pies.

Daddy helping AJ reach apples

Showing off the pickings
Bagging it to take home

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

AJ Makes Dinner

AJ likes to help around the house so on Tuesday night we had him help dad make dinner. Pizza is one of AJ's favorite meals so he was very excited to help dad make dinner. He followed directions pretty well and was concerned about not making a mess. We think his favorite part was putting on the cheese and pepperoni - he ate about as much as he put on the pizza.

waiting on dad and first we put on the sauce......

spreading it w/the spoon and next comes the cheese

and more cheese AND LOTS MORE CHEESE

too much so we eat some, and then comes the pepperoni

and daddy ate some pepperoni too. Then AJ opens the oven

Dad puts it in......

and after dad puts it in the oven, we watch it cook.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Fall is Here?

Last week we had the perfect fall weather and we decided to go pumpkin picking. We took AJ to a local farm stand and he had a blast looking at all the pumpkins, picking out his favorite ones AND more importantly dragging the cart back and forth. Of course this week we were back to summer weather but we'll get back to "fall" soon.

Picking out some pumpkins with dad

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