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Monday, May 11, 2009

The boys at the Doctor

Both Brady and AJ had their physicals today. Brady has his 1 yr physical and AJ had his 4 yr physical. I am still in shock that they are 1 and 4!!! Both boys had shots (not fun). Brady weighed in at a very healthy 22.8 lbs and measured off the charts in height at 33 inches tall. Andrew was in the 90th percentile for height at 43 inches and weighed in at 38 lbs (75th percentile). AJ was very forthcoming with information to share with the doctor. He filled her in on how much daddy likes to mow the lawn (not really) and how many lawn mowers dad has and what color they are and how dad lets him ride on his back when they play. All was fine until shot time.

Thankfully, both kids are very healthy. They both HATED getting shots and both wanted to be held at the same time. All in all an OK day though AJ keeps telling me over and over that he did not want to get shots. (who does really?)

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Kim said...

Aw, both kids vaccinated at once! I'm sure that was tough for u too