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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Andrew's Pre-Kindergarten Orientation

Andrew had his Pre-Kindergarten orientation today. We went in and met his teacher Mrs. Baker and explored his new classroom and even met some classmates. Andrew wanted to take a book to show his teacher - I think it was an excuse to use his new backpack.
AJ and his backpack before we left
We had the opportunity to explore the classroom and AJ was very excited about all the new centers. There is a science center with lots of magnets, microscopes, scales and other scientific gadgets. There is an art center and a computer center. His day will be busy and hopefully he'll continue learning lots.

AJ's classroom - Mrs. Baker's and the welcome board

AJ got to explore and play with all the materials in the class. We also toured the school and AJ thought the cafeteria with the tables was really cool. The school will feed him breakfast and lunch free of charge. We got to check out all the state of the art classrooms including the piano room. AJ had lessons through Happy Piano last year and the new teacher was very impressed with that program and assured me that AJ will participate in the afterschool piano program during the 2nd semester, 1st semester he will be participating in the suzuki violin instruction program.
AJ the fireman
and in the cool cafeteria

High on AJ's list of things to see in his new school was THE PLAYGROUND!!! :) Of course, it got his approval - with the "white as snow" sand (his words) lol and of course, the monkey bars!!! They even had face painters and AJ wanted a doggie nose and whiskers.
All in all - a very good morning. I think AJ will be just fine on Monday - I know i'll be weepy eyed but I will take more pictures of AJ in his school uniform and post on Monday. I just can't believe my "baby" is growing up so fast and is now in school!

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